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Welcome to the original Old Bastards Clan, celebrating over a decade of community gaming!

Welcome to the Old Bastards Clan®

Welcome to the Old Bastards Clan! The Old Bastards Clan was started more than a decade ago by a group of friends playing Medal of Honor SpearHead online together. The clan has grown to 350+ adults from around the world representing a wide variety of game types from FPSs to RPGs.

Whether you play a Medal of Honor game, Call of Duty, the BattleField series, CounterStrike or RPGs you'll find a community of friends in OBC.

OBC was formed with one goal in mind. To have fun with your friends playing games you like. We don't allow abusive or offensive language in our game servers or forums. Our servers are admin'd to keep the atmosphere fun for all. If you're 25 or over and would like to join us, fill out an application today!

March 06, 2014, 09:19:13 PM by Cullsunder
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Please join me in congratulating the following OBC members on their recent promotions.

- XxX has been promoted to Platoon Leader of A1
- Bomj has been promoted to Second-in-command of A1

- Toon has been promoted to Platoon Leader of A2
- Nutcase has been promoted to Second-in-command of A2
November 21, 2013, 10:30:00 AM by Dantte
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Hello Everyone,

This is the first of what I hope to become a weekly update regarding the status of the OBC Battlefieild battalion, OBC Battlefield servers, and the game itself.

*First off, we have alot of new faces around these parts*

Fresh out of Bootcamp:
- MarzzMan has been assigned to Zulu Company
- Superslow has been assigned to Xray Company

- Impluse
- tanker27
- Tearza Loren
- ImpulsivHazard
- EndlessIllusion
- Bahgoom
- Habeas_Corpus1
- mudads
- AddictedFool
- Goujen



Server name is  OldBastardsClan | Mixed Mode | Hardcore | Minimap. A search of "OBC" in battlelog is all that is need to find us!

We are currently only running 48-players due to EA related server stability issues. Once we can be certain the server wont crash anymore in 64-player mode, we will up the player count.

Our BF4 server is currently setup to run a Hardcore (BF3 style with minimap) Mixed map/mode. We also have a map-vote, punish/forgive rules, and auto-balance plugins running!

OBC actively moderates our server and we do not allow cheating, offensive language, or harassment of players. If you have an issue, say something in chat and we will investigate it; we may or may not provide you with feedback. OBC understands the game uses offensive language in the voice-overs, this does not mean you have permission to type it into the chat window!


Thursday nights, 9PM EST to 11PM EST, we will hold special events on our BF4 server. Event rules will be posted in the weekly update! Last week we had a pistol/knife only.

Tonight we will have Sniper Rifles only. Will be played in NORMAL MODE on large conquest maps.
Follow the rules: first warning you will be "killed" by admin, second warning and you will be "kicked" by admin, third warning and you will receive a 1-day temp ban from our server!

- All sniper rifles and accessories allowed
- NON-Lethal grenades allowed (this includes launchers)
- All pistols & Knife, EXCEPT the 12G shorty allowed
- Defib, Repair tool, med packs, ammo supply, beacons, ect... allowed
- No shotguns
- No rocket launchers
- Vehicles can only be used for transport
- NO ARMOR. PERIOD (this includes transport!)

Dantte - Battefield GOA
November 20, 2013, 05:12:43 PM by TigerShark | Views: 6 | Comments: 0

I hereby am pleased to be able to award both Putzy and Razor the Army Commendation Medal.

During my time as GOA, and thru some pretty rough times, these two have been loyal and good friends as well as leaders.

Their service to CSS and OBC is not without sacrifice at many levels, and I for one am proud to have them as friends.

Our game and the activity of the troops has fallen off, but their contribution no less deserving for all that they have done these past few years.

Thanks to both of you for all you have done personally for me, and the support you have provided.  Your contributions, many unknown, were welcomed.  Your honest feedback and assistance was cherished, and your service to OBC and CSS was and will be a tribute to you both.

Congratulations !

November 05, 2013, 08:16:02 AM by SoreWounds
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I am awarding Momma Bear with the Outstanding Volunteer Ribbon.
  With all the time and work Momma puts in setting up recruit's and helping them with out her it would be longer process for them on getting all set=up. 
   Thank you Momma Bear for everything you have done.

SoreWounds GOA
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